Beware of this Web Developer Companies

14 10 2013

Web Developers Beware

WebDev Republic

There are lots of web developers complaining that they worked hard and didn’t get paid by their employers.  Share your experience here and help others not to be a victim.  If you have their photos let us help you post them as long as you have a valid proof of what you are claiming is the truth only and not staining the company’s name without a valid reason.

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6 02 2014

Stay away from or I used to work for them as a programmer. They are one of the biggest scammer in the industry. They exploit the programmers. The tweaks are $39.00 and programmers are suppose get $12.50 per tweak. Sometimes the project have multiple tweaks. Their scam goes like they will wait for the programmer to complete lots of tasks they will let you feel at ease and say let’s finish all the task so we can close the project. They wait for the last one then they will start complaining. Then they will just remove you from project without warning.

What does it mean? Programmer completes 98% of the project then they will remove you. They will ask their inhouse to complete the remaining 2%. The income on now all theirs 100%. The first programmer will get $0.

Programmers, beware. You will waste your time with this company.

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