Beware of this Web Developer Companies

14 10 2013

Web Developers Beware

WebDev Republic

There are lots of web developers complaining that they worked hard and didn’t get paid by their employers.  Share your experience here and help others not to be a victim.  If you have their photos let us help you post them as long as you have a valid proof of what you are claiming is the truth only and not staining the company’s name without a valid reason.

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LearnShip Network GmbH, Dishonest Company

20 09 2013

For Teacher’s Alert!

Learnship Network GmbH - Scammers

This is a public service.

Beware of LearnShip Network  GmbH from Cologne, Germany.  They are the most dishonest people I’ve ever met.  This group will ask you to work your butt off  but will eventually just cancel your contract.  They will rush you to finish your project then after they get what they needed, they will just say “we don’t need you anymore”. They still owe me money.

Let me tell you my horrible story here:

I was hired to to work on their educational materials.  They rushed and gave me deadlines, my contact person told me that I was doing a great job.

They asked for all the files I created and then the next day they surprised me with cancelation of contract.  They were claiming that I didn’t meet the quality they were looking for.  I argued this reasoning because base on my communication records, my contact person…

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Wall of Shame – Top Scammers List

15 12 2009

This page will list down the scammers’ information.  If you were scammed by someone, let’s work together to warn people.  I encourage all the victims to name them and shame them.

I found a good source  from a blogger named Cris, his link is:,  He’s done a great job compiling and has useful informations about the scammers too.

Here are some of the names of the scammers on his list, I just added a scammer I’ve dealt with recently. Read the rest of this entry »

15 12 2009

My terrible experience with is buying an original iPhone 3GS 16G from them, but they delivered a fake one.  They were good assisting when I was inquiring and but since the incident, I can’t get ahold of them anymore.  My story is on this link:

Scam Exposé Viewers

15 12 2009

This blog is dedicated to all people who are making an honest living and victimized by vultures over internet, offline merchants business partners and such.

I encourage everyone to submit their stories and not to let another victim to experience the same.